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You'll find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions here. If your question is not listed here, please contact us directly. We'll be happy to be of service to you.

This option is available to you via customized and password protected Internet access to our system. In this way you can retrieve information 24/7 on the whereabouts of your consignment and, if required, initiate invoicing directly after delivery of the consignment.

Immediately after delivery to the recipient, delivery times are transmitted to the IT system of Time Shuttle GmbH by means of special scanning equipment. After an internal plausibility check, the IOD data are then transmitted to you, either automatically via a data interface to your own IT system, or per classic mail to a predefined recipient address. You can retrieve your consignment data online at any time around the clock. Unless otherwise agreed, we guarantee provision of the IOD data to you at the latest by 10:00 a.m. on the following day.

PODs are available on request.

In the interests of our customers we are always ready to try to do the impossible. We will be glad to receive your special requests and will do our best to protect your interests and to present a transportation concept to the satisfaction of all concerned. Just ask your personally assigned consultant.

Unless other agreements have been made, we operate and are liable in accordance with the German Forwarders' Standard Terms and Conditions (Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteurbedingungen - ADSp). Accordingly, we are covered for all risks – especially for the transshipment, handling and transport of high-value goods. Cross-border transports are subject to CMR regulations. We will be glad to discuss possible liability agreements with you in the run-up to a collaboration or before each respective order.

Thanks to our membership in the Hammer Group, we can easily scale our storage capacity and the number of security vehicles at our disposal at any time to meet any requirements.

We deliver daily to all countries in Europe.

Transports in Germany and to destinations in the Benelux countries are usually carried out within 4 to 24 hours after receipt of order. We deliver to customers in the countries England, Italy, Sweden and France in 12 to 48 hours. For deliveries to Slovakia, Denmark, Poland or Spain, we require between 24 and 72 hours.

You can contact your personally assigned consultant at any time. Directly after receipt of your order, we will provide you with your consultant's mobile phone number.

We are certified regarding quality and security by accredited certification bodies. Our certifications currently include the following standards: 
› DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
› TAPA A [Transported Asset Protection Association] / FSR 2009
AEO [Authorized Economic Operator]
Furthermore, also through our affiliation with the Hammer Group, we have relevant certification regarding environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) is an association of international manufacturers, logistics service providers, freight forwarders, law enforcement agencies and other involved parties who share the common goal of reducing losses along the international supply chain. The TAPA certification comes in various classifications. Class "A" stands for the highest security standard. 

What does AEO stand for?

AEO stands for "Authorized Economic Operator". An AEO has a special status. He ranks as particularly reliable and trustworthy, and is thus able to enjoy special benefits and privileges regarding customs clearance.

We provide all services required for security transports. Nowadays, GPS technology is indispensable for the continuous observation of the vehicles and constant monitoring of route conformity. So all our vehicles without exception are equipped with GPS and an emergency button. Pressing the emergency button triggers instant transmission to various institutions and service providers of a silent alarm including details of the vehicle and the driver as well as the exact geo-coordinates. These service providers include an external security control center which serves not only as a vehicle monitor post but also as a transnational intervention control center in the event of an alarm. Depending on your exact needs, and if required through involvement of our partner enterprises, we can organize appropriate route conformity checks / live monitoring or international transport escorts to meet your specifications.

Our transport and security mission statement is to adapt our transports to customer requirements. Thanks to our strategic partnerships and our membership in the Hammer Group, we are in a position to combine your partial loads of high-value goods with other partial loads from our logistics partners on a single vehicle. And of course we do this without in any way ever compromising the agreed high standard of security. This approach allows us to make use of any available space in our vehicles and thus maximize utilization of freight capacity, while at the same time offering our customers a maximum of flexibility. Naturally, in all our transports the main emphasis is on the quality of our service and our high security standards.

We are proud to be able to claim that all parties involved in transports have been properly instructed and are familiar with all the possible dangers that may arise during the handling of theft-prone products. In close collaboration with our security partners, we determine our training requirements, define the contents of our in-service measures, and conduct corresponding in-service training sessions for our commercial and industrial staff at documented intervals of two and a half years. In the same intervals, our drivers are put through regular driver training sessions for their protection and sensitization, and for the prevention of potential dangers. This driver training program was designed in-house by Time Shuttle GmbH and focuses exclusively on transport- and security-relevant aspects of the handling of the sort of goods entrusted to our care. Participation in the training program is fastidiously documented and is available for viewing at any time.

In our selection of vehicles and drivers, we remain constantly in tune with the market. We are also committed to environmental protection and the conservation of resources, and so we guarantee the transportation of your goods exclusively by means of vehicles which comply with the exhaust emission standards EURO-4 or EURO-5. In addition, we also support emission reduction by using fuel additives like "AdBlue".

The security features of our vehicles comprise:
› Trained drivers with special training in conflict situations
GPS & emergency button inside the driver's cabin
› Automobile telematics with navigation functions
› Driver's manual with exact instructions and rules of conduct in emergencies
› Driver's manual with accredited security parking lots
› Mobile telephone with pre-set call numbers
› Self-powered GPS inside the load unit
› Identification markings on the roof of the load unit
› Security locks (electronic, hydraulic or mechanical)