Under lock and key

Our storage facility has it all. Flexibly extendable security storage areas, bonded warehousing and comprehensive distribution and logistics services - all compliant with TAPA FSR A , TSR 1 and AEO standards - guarantee optimal security. The latest technology and fully integrated systems provide reliable protection against loss or damage. There's no room here for thieves, but plenty of room for flexibility!

No matter how diverse your products or requirements are, the perfect interplay of our sophisticated and efficient warehouse management and our precisely tailored distribution logistics ensure success in all your processes - from order picking, packing and outer packing right through to equipage and assembly. Online insights into our integrated warehouse management make disposition much easier for you. On request, we can dispatch your goods within an hour of receiving your order. Fast, secure and cost-optimized.

We protect you proactively against claims for damages through uninterrupted documentation. Each pallet is scanned, weighed and videotaped, goods inwards and goods outwards. Automatic instant non-conformance reports via telephone or E-mail allow you to react swiftly, and thus to optimize the satisfaction of your customers.

Our TAPA  FSR A-certified grounds provide additional security for your high-value cargo. Just the look of our premises, completely fenced in and brightly lit at night, is enough to inspire confidence and assurance. And our integrated, all-round security concept in warehouse management also comprises a sophisticated system of personal and electronic access control, security and video surveillance, together with a wide range of alarm systems and even concrete barriers weighing 1,000 kilograms at all street-level gates.

Our first-class warehouse

  • TAPA FSR A (2017), TSR 1 (2014), regulated agent and AEO
  • Flexibly extendable security storage areas
  • Integrated warehouse management
  • Multistage documentation
  • Automatic non-conformance report
  • Video and security surveillance of warehouses and grounds
  • Double access control
  • Gate barriers
  • State-of-the-art materials handling equipment
  • Processing of air pallets