Security signed, sealed and delivered

Our approach to security is systematic. We leave nothing to chance. Regular audits and attestations are your guarantee that your high-value goods are in the best of hands. With our TAPA FSR A, TSR 1 and AEO certification, we provide first-class high-security logistics - Europe-wide, and with all the flexibility needed to meet your individual requirements down to the last detail.

According to an EU study, goods to the value of 8.3 billion EUR are stolen every year in transit - and the trend is increasing. The internationally valid TAPA FSR A and TSR 1 certifications are the worldwide benchmark for high standards of security measures along the whole supply chain of theft-prone products. This quality seal rewards the implementation of strict standards and is regularly audited by independent experts to ensure that its validity is maintained. Our documented delivery precision of 99.9 percent makes us a reliable partner for high-value logistics.

The AEO certification gives us the status of an authorized, highly reliable and trustworthy economic operator. It is based on a statutory security initiative of the European Union and is only awarded to secure companies operating in international trade.

AEO-compliant security standards ensure the highest quality and reliability in terms of internal logistics, infrastructure and customs-related processes. AEO certification is valid in all EU member states and is awarded after intensive screening by the chief customs office. With AEO F status, Time Shuttle has the highest class of accreditation, certifying that our security systems are ideal, and qualifying us for simplifications in customs procedures. This is a great advantage for our customers, who save a lot of time and expense in terms of customs clearance.