Security never sleeps

According to a study by the International Road Transportation Union (IRU), 42 percent of all cargo thefts take place on unsecured parking lots. This is why "secure parking" has always played a key role in our risk management concept. In search of the perfect parking facility, we pursue our own unique course. Only parking lots that have been thoroughly examined are included in our route planning.

Every potentially suitable parking facility in Europe is scrutinized according to strict criteria by our own disposition and security division as well as by external security service providers. Only if it is unanimously approved do we include a particular parking lot in our route planning system. On the basis of this inspection, a detailed datasheet is compiled, illustrated with photos, layout plan and location plan. This gives the drivers detailed information on the location, costs, opening times, security facilities and dimensions. Even the availability of services for the drivers like restaurants or sanitary facilities are documented here. Regular updates ensure that the evaluation keeps its validity. In this way, our customer can rest assured that we have the security of their goods under control, even during the required rest periods for the drivers.