12/12/2018 The clever and reliable Retrofit-solution for more security …

We again set ourselves the goal to help in shaping the future. In this context the BPW Bergische Achsen AG, almost 8 months ago, invited us to visit them in Wiehl.

Objective and purpose was our participation in the design of a simple but brilliant door locking system for uncomplicated assembly at the rear doors of the vehicle.

Safe T was born and during the past 4 months BPW continued the development to a prototype.

In our opinion price and performance are in good relation. Although series production has not been planned before February / March of next year, we are currently already on route in Europe using three test assemblies with the purpose of testing the system’s suitability for daily use as well as its ruggedness.

Purely mechanical and independent of any power source, Safe T can be mounted at box trucks in a stable, robust, low-wear and accident-proof way. As soon as the door is closed, the system locks automatically and can be opened keyless via mechanical key pad by entering a code.

Furthermore, the system can be opened at any time by means of an emergency opening procedure and this way also fulfils the requirements of industry. Assembly of the test object did not last longer than 3 hours.

Currently we are running the test with our swap units and consider the system as a gain in optimal protection of cargo space. It is used in addition to door sensors, steel coated U-lock and motion detectors.

We are pleased to support new and future-oriented trends with our experience.

We would like to thank BPW for the good cooperation …

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