04/19/2018 Creative minds at Time Shuttle

Creative minds appreciated!

Time Shuttle staff members have actively taken part in the submission of improvement suggestions for many years now. They constantly reflect on possible improvements or simplifications in processes or procedures and how changes can be realized and integrated for the benefit and advantage of daily work processes.

Also in the year of 2017 our dedicated staff members from the area office and warehouse submitted in total 14 improvement suggestions and approaches, of which 9 could be put into practice. After internal examination and assessment of costs and benefit, further suggestions have not been considered.

Most of the ideas submitted last year referred to system efficiency and programme simplifications. The quality and security department together with the company management assessed and evaluated the individual suggestions regarding their practicability, the necessary expenditures and finally the benefit resulting from realization.


As recognition of their commitment and motivation for further ideas our creative heads were presented a small thank-you from the company management. Of course we also thank all other staff members who submitted suggestions, which were not put into practice and would like to motivate them to go on and submit further suggestions. Maybe next time one of these suggestion will be successful! Already now we are curious and are looking forward to active participation and numerous improvement suggestions during this year!

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