Now what exactly was … The world of logistics is full of technical terms, and new terms are constantly being added. Our glossary explains them all in a nutshell. If a term you are looking for is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to add your technical term to our list.



Activity-based costing
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Activity-based costing is a model that allows process-oriented tracking and recording of the overheads for products, supply channels, logistics or customers. It represents a method for the development of logistics-oriented cost accounting and time analysis accounting. Activity-based costing enables the indirect costs to be shown that are incurred by service areas based on requirements. Activity-based costing focuses on identifying cost drivers, reference figures or process variables.

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AdBlue is a high quality solution, especially developed for the automotive SCR catalytic converter. By injecting AdBlue into the SCR catalytic converter, all harmful nitrogen oxides are immediately reduced into harmless nitrogen and water. It is only by using AdBlue that this catalytic conversion has the optimal effect. AdBlue has been prescribed by the heavy duty vehicle manufacturers.


Added Value
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Value attributed to products, and services as the result of a particular process (e.g. production process, storage, transport).

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AEO status is an accreditation regime to prove supply chain compliance. The AEO regulation encourages companies to increase security, in exchange for incentives which will improve the efficiency of the supply chain and ultimately reduce costs. The incentives include, for instance, fewer physical border controls, easier reporting, a reduced customs risk rating and priority treatment for goods selected for examination. Obviously, no such incentives will apply to non-AEO businesses.

Air freight
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The transport of goods by air.

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The German customs administration introduced the IT-system ATLAS (Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearances System) nation wide. Thus the handling of the commercial goods transit with third countries is automated. Atlas is a standardised form for customs declaration and documentation.

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An English term meaning the examination and verification of a company's financial records. In an audit, virtually all areas of a company are examined with respect to performance, costs, quality and efficiency. This usually involves comparing target and actual situations, i.e. judging how effectively set targets have been achieved. In this way, audits secure continuous improvements in quality and costs. To be successful, audits must be carried out at regular intervals - either by external or internal auditors.

Audits are also performed with regard to the issuing of certificates or complying with defined standards. For such quality audits, the applicable ISO standard is the DIN ISO 9000:2000.

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Air waybills document the completion and contents of a transportation order by air.