Giving support - getting new things going

We see respect, trust and partnership as the basis for responsible cooperation, integrity and genuine sustainability. We espouse these values in our business and social relations, small- and large-scale alike. This is how we create added value - for ourselves, for our customers, and for our social and natural environment. And this is based on the involvement and enthusiasm of each member of our staff.

We are pro-active rather than reactive. We regularly train young people, so that, on the basis of their new ideas, we can continue to provide you with the best cost-benefit ratio and reliable added value in the future, too. With the same consistency we also invest in the development of new solutions that will create even more flexibility and cost-effectiveness and open up new fields of action for our customers. Ideas like these need space and strength to grow. With the competence network of the Hammer Group, we have the best preconditions for this.

We see recognized standards - national and international - as binding. For this reason, we regularly subject ourselves and our processes to audits by authorized experts. This transparency and our dedication to continuous improvement form the basis for gaining and maintaining the lasting trust and confidence of our customers, our staff and our social environment.

We selectively promote extra-company initiatives, regional clubs and social projects. We offer our help gladly, because we respect the efforts made here in the interests of the community - in social and cultural sectors, or in sports.

We embrace our responsibility towards the environment out of a deep conviction. For this reason we are also constantly optimizing our processes in the interests of climate protection, environmental compatibility and resource conservation. For example, it is our principle to only use vehicles of the latest generation.

We do all this with enthusiasm, because our values are important to us. What we want is to give new impulses today that will allow us to deal efficiently with the demands of tomorrow.