03/07/2018 - TAPA TSR 2017

Finally we hold our new TAPA TSR certificate in our hands.

About one month ago a repeat audit of the new TAPA TSR 2017 security standard became due.

We are proud that we have successfully passed the audit without any objections and this way could convince the auditors of our high security and quality standard, as well as of our well functioning work processes.

Besides the TSR Level 1, we this year - compared to last year- also obtain the certificate for TSR Level 2 in the category medium (more than 30, but less than 100 trucks).

Through the award of this certificate, we can once more prove our customers that we apply the highest security standards along our supply chain to all goods entrusted to us.

Thanks to everybody who supported us beforehand and during the certification process and this way contributed to the successful result of the audit.

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