07/31/2015 - 10 years TAPA & Time Shuttle

For 10 years we have now been a proud member of the TAPA EMEA organisation. Cooperation during the last few years has given us access to the opportunity of always being close to the action and being able of efficiently protecting ourselves against cargo theft. The security business is based on information exchange, innovations and associations that see the minimization of risks in the transport of high-value goods as their task. Since we became a TAPA-member we have considerably extended our security standards and independently increased. Not only once we have managed to master the latest certification standards of the TAPA as the first company in EMEA. For approximately 2 years our senior security manager, Markus Prinz, has occupied a seat in the TAPA Board of Directors and carries out the task organisation and permanent further development of standard training. This way it is also in future guaranteed that we are aware of our responsibilities and all persons involved in transport are adequately trained. We are looking forward to future successful cooperation with the TAPA organisation and to the following Q4 conference as well as the next 10 years.

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