07/05/2017 - The Watcher´s Watch

After we have already introduced some of his super powers to you, today we would like to present you Captain Cargo’s “Watcher´s Watch“.

At Time Shuttle our customers’ high-quality and first of all time-critical goods are always in the centre of attention. Therefore, our Captain Cargo has to have an eye on his watch all the time. While our disposition plans the consignments in a timely efficient way and exactly on schedule, our quality department monitors the above mentioned goods as regards compliance and fulfilment of established fixed dates.

This way all delivery data can be transmitted to our customers within a short time after their arrival at the final recipient, e.g. via EDI data interface / connection.

Furthermore, tracking of consignments by means of personalized and individual input data via the Time Shuttle website or via mobile App is also possible.

Get in contact with us, we will be pleased to explain the possibilities and set up your customer-related account, by which you can always track your deliveries on a daily basis. 

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