06/16/2017 - Another superpowers of our Captain Cargo

Security Specs

Also this month we would like to introduce one of the superpowers of our Captain Cargo.

This time we explain the term “Security Specs“.

At Time Shuttle the drivers and goods are always in trustful and safe hands.

By the cooperation of two strong monitoring centres in the security sector in Munich and Bochum, driving personnel as well as the goods entrusted to us are always in good hands and well cared for during transport.

Each of our vehicles used is equipped with permanently mounted Telematics and GPS tracking systems, by which transport monitoring of the motor vehicle as well as of the additional load unit is guaranteed at any time. In addition all communication devices are standard fit, in order to provide for permanent availability of our driving personnel. This, of course, also includes emergency keys as well as telephony.

Also incidents abroad are no problem. Our service providers have a European network of cooperation partners, who can react and provide support within very short time.

Also at the arrival and during cargo handling in Aachen we never lose track of your packaging items.

By means of more than 35 CCTV cameras only around the warehouse area, even the smallest movement of your valuables can be tracked. Moreover input and output scans support the transparent traceability of your sensitive products.

Last but not least, motion detectors, alarm systems and light control elements are in permanent use at our facilities.

The TAPA FSR category A, TSR level 1, AEO F and the status as a regulated agent for secure handling of air-freight prove our know-how in handling theft-prone products.

Your goods in reliable hands; put us to the test ….

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