Now what exactly was …? The world of logistics is full of technical terms, and new terms are constantly being added. Our glossary explains them all in a nutshell. If a term you are looking for is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to add your technical term to our list.

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Packaging refers to the removable, complete or partial external wrapping of goods for the purpose of protection or the fulfillment of other functions. Packaging basically fulfills functions in four main areas: production, marketing, utilization and logistics. The purpose of packaging in the area of logistics has five main functional aspects: storage, protection, transport, manipulation and information.

Packing list

A packing list is a detailed list of all the parcels indicating their markings, type, weight and contents.


A pallet (or skid) is a flat tray made of wood, plastic, metal or other materials that can be lifted with a jack or forklift device and on which goods can be stored and transported. There are many types of pallets, for example box pallets and flat pallets). The most commonly-used type is the so-called "Europool" pallet, which measures 120 x 80 centimeters.


Fresh produce that can spoil in a short amount of time (such as fruits, fish, meat, flowers).


Taking products or components out of a stock.

Point of sale

A point of sale is the electronic interface between a customer and a retailer at which payment for goods can be made electronically, usually via credit or debit card. The hardware and software of the POS (e.g. scanner cash registers or terminals that capture sales on an article basis) enable all relevant payment and sales data to be gathered. The information obtained, along with other data (for example from merchandise information systems), is analyzed to find potential options for streamlining and for improving customer service.


A Pre-Alert is an advice of products, estimated time of arrival and transport or security specific personalised informations to the receiver of goods.


In logistics, the prefix is the part of the EAN code which identifies the country. The prefix can have two or three digits. For instance, the numbers 00 to 13 for the USA and Canada, while the numbers 400 to 440 stand for Germany.

Pro-Forma Invoice

Draft invoice sent to an importer by the exporter prior to order confirmation and shipment to assist in matters relating to obtaining import licenses or foreign exchange allocations, or to advise the value of a consignment so that Letters of Credit can be opened.


Activities which ensure the availability of the material and/or services in the desired quantity, quality, place and time from the supplier.

Purchase Order

Definite order for one or more deliveries by the supplier to the customer of a specific quantity of goods, materials, services or products under agreed terms of delivery and prices.