Now what exactly was …? The world of logistics is full of technical terms, and new terms are constantly being added. Our glossary explains them all in a nutshell. If a term you are looking for is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to add your technical term to our list.

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New Computerized Transit System

The New Computerised Transit System is a computer system that has been developed to enable traders to submit Community/Common Transit declarations electronically. Community Transit is a customs procedure that allows customs and excise duties and VAT on imported goods to be suspended until the goods either reach their point of destination in the European Union or are exported out of it.

Net Weight

Weight of the goods, excluding all packing.

Non Conformance Report

Non Conformance Report is a report of items not conforming to specified requirements (damages, weight discrepancies, etc.) during transport between pick up and delivery of cargo for customer information.


Failure of the insured or their broker to disclose a material circumstance to the underwriter before acceptance of the risk. A breach of good faith.